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Volunteering in Burundi

In Burundi, one in five children dies before their fifth birthday after succumbing to preventable illnesses. The decades of war have left much to be done in Burundi and may organizations recruit and send volunteers to the country.

From 1997, Concern worldwide has continued to run several projects in Burundi. The organization continues to help can help sensitive the public on the dangers of HIV/ AIDS, among other activities. Whereas volunteering in person is fun, you can still participate in Concern’s program by joining the Women of Concern, Raising awareness on these issues in your school, take a challenge and raise funds for the cause or involve your company. Concern provides good data on expenditure and ensures your input does not go to waste.

Cadip is a Canadian organization that brings volunteers to Burundi for various purposes. Due to the relative shortage of teachers, Cadip bring volunteers to help teaching form between one and six months. The teachers mainly teach English in secondary schools and are hosted by local families.

For professionals in the medical profession an excellent volunteer opportunity exists in the partnership between Hope Africa University and Hope Hospital of Kibuye. Through the partnership, various professional medical teams are sent to the hospital in Gitenga province to provide training to staff and students. The project currently needs volunteer nurses, midwives, Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and paediatric specialists. Another active organization that takes volunteers to Burundi is known as Volunteer Action for Peace. The volunteers in these programs are taken to work camps in Bujumbura to participate in community development projects.


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