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Volunteering in Benin

Volunteering abroad is a rewarding and meaningful life experience that can provide participants essential lifetime memories. In Benin, volunteers can be involved in number of activities and also enjoy surfing on the beaches, game walks and diverse activities. One of the most popular volunteer programs in Benin is a volunteer intensive language course offered in Ouidah. The small town has a lively city and cobblestone streets, historically it was slave traders centres and currently remains the voodoo capital of West Africa.

Another interesting volunteer program in Benin is offered online and involves document preparation. The online volunteers support the NGO, Joseph the Worker in repairing documentation used to promote democracy and human rights. In addition to this, other programs with online options include the Green solution to pig pollution.  

The UNV (United Nations Volunteers) program is also active in Benin. Projects active in Benin include those requiring food experts who assist African food businesses benefit rather than suffer from globalization. In addition to this, UNV volunteers also work with women to teach food processing to boost their income.

The Peace Corps have also been active in Benin for a long time. The program established in 1968 currently engages 124 volunteers. Throughout the projects life over 1800 volunteers have managed to visit and contribute in Benin. Volunteers are engaged in education, environment, agriculture, health and business. They also receive training in local languages to facilitate work in Benin. Benin has beautiful beaches, historic cities and wildlife, which can help, keep volunteers engaged during their period in Benin.


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