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Studying in UK

United Kingdom is one of the most popular study destinations in the world, with the UK Universities offering an ever increasing range of courses to choose from. The qualifications earned in the UK are instantly recognized the world over.

Depending on the level of your education there are different levels you can choose to study in the UK. Foundation courses are usually of one year duration and designed to prepare you for an undergraduate degree. To be admitted to a Foundation course, you only need to have completed the equivalent of UK GCSE or eleven years of schooling. In order to be admitted to an Undergraduate Degree program, you must have completed the UK equivalent of A-levels, or 13 years of schooling. Postgraduate studies require an undergraduate degree.

No longer are students going abroad for graduate and undergraduate studies only. Many of today’s youth go abroad to get quality vocational training. Due to its short term nature, it is cost effective for the international student to consider one of the hundreds of vocational trainings available in the UK. Another benefit is that students can choose the in-demand trade and enhance their chances of getting employment.

Students interested in studying in the UK can make use of a number of scholarships especially for postgraduate studies. The UK government and different organizations offer scholarships to qualifying candidates. One such option is the Chevening Scholarship. Offered to over 1,000 students, these postgraduate and research scholarships are of one year duration, but there are some scholarships for specialized courses of shorter durations of up to six months. Specialized courses include law, international relations, and business administration. Chevening Scholarships are available to students of over 150 countries.


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