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Studying in Sri Lanka

Known not only for its natural beauty but its culture and civilization as well, education in Sri Lanka has played a key role in the preservation of its rich heritage.  The country is forging a name for itself as a location for international students to acquire world recognized education.  Over a dozen leading universities from USA, UK and Australia are affiliated with Sri Lankan universities and colleges. Students studying at the affiliated university are able to obtain Degrees offered by the Parent American, British or Australian University at a fraction of the cost.

Other study options include learning about Buddhism, Buddhist Meditation, and Yoga. Various universities and academies offer short courses, diplomas and full degree programs. Diplomas in Information Technology, Software Engineering, Business Management, Computerized Accounting and Web Engineering are also offered by specialized technical institutes.

Internship placements are also possible in Sri Lankan Universities for international students. Students enrolling in this program work as volunteers at various Higher Education Institutions as well as at public and private organizations in a broad range of areas including Teaching English, Peace & Reconciliation, Health Sector, Journalism, Migration, Women’s Issues and many others. The interns are linked with on-going projects or tailor-made programs can be organized depending on needs. The interns can choose to work from a few weeks to over a year depending on individual needs.

To obtain a student visa for Sri Lanka the following documents are needed also with an application form:

  • A passport that is valid for at list six months from time of application
  • Letter of acceptance from the Sri Lankan Institute where you intend to study
  • One passport size photo
  • Medical examination report
  • A copy of the passport has to be submitted with the application


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