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Studying in Senegal

Senegal is one of the most peaceful states in Africa and makes for a prefect study abroad destination.

The oldest public University was established in 1957 and was named after a famous historian/anthropologist, Chiek Anta Diop. The University is also known as the University of Dakar and has many faculties. For example, the Faculty of Medicine has a strong research background and is engaged in several research activities on Malaria and the malaria parasite. In addition to this, the faculty also has grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in support of preventive treatment activities for children.

 In addition to the public University, international students can also benefit from the presence of a recognized and accredited international institution, The University of Notre Dame. According to the institution, Senegal is among the most stable democratic states in Africa. The institution operates close-by the University of Dakar and is suitable for students majoring in French/Francophone studies, International or development studies and African studies. Another international institution that collaborates with the University of Notre Dame is the Suffolk University, Dakar campus.

For students in various disciplines, internships are great for learning and exploration. In Senegal, students can choose from internships in many fields including journalism. Through projectsabroad.org, several internship positions are available from an operation in St. Louis, an island city in Northern Senegal. The positions however, require written and spoken proficiency of French. The same organization also caters for human rights and international relations students who are based at the Bureau Local de Dense et de Promotion des droits Humains (BLDPDH). Finance majors can also utilize opportunities available from mykro.org


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