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Studying in Sao Tome and Principe

Until the establishment of the Premier University of Sao Tome by Jimoh Ibrahim, a renowned billionaire, the country was without a university. With plans for construction still in progress, the institution currently operates from the ultra modern annex of the Pestana hotel adjacent to the parliament buildings. For further information on the institution enquires should be posted via the institutions website.

However, given the abundant marine life and ecosystem, many students get to visit Sao Tome and Principe on internships. A good place to begin in search environmental jobs and internships is environmentjobs.com, a website that provides listings from all over the world. Another conservation organization in Sao Tome is SANCCOB concerned with the plight of rare seabirds such as penguins. Interns can be engaged for a 6-month period to track the lifecycle of an adult penguin from egg to release as an adult.

 For students with an agricultural background seeking internship in countries such as Sao Tome, the Delaware College Agriculture, Science and Anima Industry fair is one of many great starting points. Alternatively, prospective interns can directly apply to organizations such as IFAD who have ongoing internship programs. The goal of the program being to provide interns a better understanding of IFAD and the UN. The eligibility requirements are straightforward and filling the form may be all it takes to land a position.

For individuals interested in gap year or travel jobs organizations such as Travellers Quest have an ideal solution. While taking in the beaches, birds and marine life, volunteers can get to teach marginalised people and make a change in the world. For students looking for a college oriented work experience institutions such as exter.edu, have summer teaching internship programs.


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