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Studying in Poland

Poland’s tradition of education has deeply imbedded roots. According to the Cathedral Chapter of Cracow’s catalogue, Polish intellectuals were in possession of European literature as early as the twelfth century.

Polish education system has the expertise to provide specialist training in roughly 120 different programs ranging from Administration to Zoo technologies. A large number of Polish educationists lecture abroad while foreign researchers work in institutions of higher education in Poland.

There are approximately five hundred institutes of higher education in Poland. They range in variety from public universities and colleges to state vocational schools and private or church-owned institutes. Along with the traditional higher education that operates according to Bologna Process, evening classes and summer programs are also available.

There are many short term courses available for foreigners interested in studying in Poland and spending some time seeing the country. There are several programs open in Poland’s historic capital Krakow. The duration of the programs is from four to six weeks and they are taught in English. The programs focus on Poland and Central Europe giving the students thorough understanding of Polish culture and language. Undergraduate or graduate students can even earn credit provided their home institution agrees. At the end of the course the official transcript is mailed directly to the home university.

Vocational education in Poland is undergoing a major transformation and the aim is to train students for market relevance. The programs try to involve employers in curriculum design and are making it more attractive for specialized professionals to work in vocational schools. This makes the training obtained in these schools very beneficial. It is now open to adults who may be considering shifting professions or just want to learn a new trade.


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