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Studying in Mauritius

Abundance of peace in Mauritius has attracted significant foreign investment n education and fostered good international relations with many countries. For this reason, there are many good institutions partnered with universities abroad.

Institutions such as the Rushmore business school have business courses accredited by partner institutions in France and Britain. These programs offering local students a year abroad options can be used by international students to visit and study in Mauritius. Other institutions with good study abroad options include Vatel, Dimensions International Education Group, International Business School – Oceanic and Spherinity Training Institute. In addition to study abroad programs, some of the institutions also facilitate research for interested international students.

Mauritius is an excellent location for study given that its policies serve to make it easier for international students interested in studying. In Mauritius, international students are allowed to work as many as 20hours per week. Entry into the country’s institutions does not require TOEFL or IELTS examination as is common in many countries. The fees are affordable due to the exchange rates and students are not required to pay additional visa fees. The standard of living is reasonably low at approximately $250 per month.

In addition to this, institutions generally offer career counselling, assistance with course selection, admission assistance, travel assistance and many other services aimed at facilitating a smooth transition into Mauritius. For individuals interested in studying in Mauritius browsing through the institutions websites may unveil suitable study abroad options. In addition to good programs, interested applicants are bound to enjoy the spectacles of this beautiful island country.


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