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Studying in Malaysia

Malaysia has earned a strong international reputation in education, and as a result is becoming a popular destination for international students. There are approximately 50,000 students from over 100 countries studying in Malaysia. Malaysia facilitates these students by offering international schools, colleges, foreign university branch campuses, public and private universities.  Additionally there is a wide range of disciplines and varying levels of education like professional courses, diplomas, internships and not to mention standard tertiary education leading to bachelor, masters or doctoral degrees.

Every educational institute operating in Malaysia is monitored by Malaysian Education Ministry, to ensure that students get world standard education supplemented with the latest technologies and tools.  Malaysia’s 2+1 twinning degree programs are a cost effective way to get quality education. Students from universities of high repute in United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand and France spend part of their time studying in those countries and then complete the program in a Malaysian university.

For students only interested in studying for short durations in Malaysia, there are numerous credit and non-credit bearing courses and internships available for qualified students. To enrol in courses or workshops of undergraduate level you must have a high school diploma. Some options in short courses include Argument and Advocacy, American Literature, Oral Presentation of Literature, Crisis Communication, and Negotiation and Group Process. There are over a hundred courses and workshops to choose from.

Private institutions and some government universities use English as the Medium of Instruction. For students wishing to improve their English skills, English Proficiency classes are easily available.


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