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Studying in Malawi

Malawi has enjoyed peace for a very long time and the only recent conflict has been spill over’s from neighbouring states. Malawi has many institutions that can facilitate higher learning.

The Catholic University of Malawi is private institution is accredited by the Government of Malawi and offers degrees, diplomas and certificates. The institution can provide interested students with accommodation, has a good cafeteria and an on campus clinic (serious cases are transferred to hospital five minutes away).

In keeping with efforts to create an empowered workforce, the Malawian Government recently pledged to construct five universities in the next ten years to meet local education needs. One university under this initiative is the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST). The development program dubbed the Malawi University Development Programme also includes Marine University, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Mombera University, Nkhotakota University, and Bangula University. The plan agenda to encourage transfer of knowledge is sure to encourage students to visit and study in the country. Mzuzu University is also a good institution in Zambia with an established distance-learning program.

In addition to the universities, students interested in a learning trip to Malawi can register for an internship with organizations within the country. On such internship program is offered by the Michigan State University and focuses on agriculture, development, gender and environment. The program is aptly placed given that in Malawi there is a long-standing tradition that affects division of labour in agriculture and natural resource management. An intern will get to learn of cultural and societal forces in play in the country and in some cases how to address such challenges.


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