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Studying in Liberia

Liberia is small country in West Africa that has undergone a significant amount of civil strife. Having put that dark phase behind her, the nation’s leadership and citizens are struggling to get back on their feet. In 2006 and again in 2011, Liberians elected Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as president and have since enjoyed peace and stability. The UN maintains almost 15,000 peacekeepers within her borders to ensure tranquillity.

The Center for Peace Education (CPE) is among the many organizations assisting in restoring peace in the nation following years of conflict. The organization works directly with children affected by the war and those born post war with a goal of allowing them an opportunity to chart a future away from the war. The organization offers unpaid internships with preference to graduate students and researchers within Liberia.

Another interesting area for study in Liberia is conservation, which suffered due to the long running civil war and resultant poverty and unemployment. In 2002, the government agreed on an MOU with Conservation International to set aside 30% of the forests for conservation. Following this in 2007, a conference was held to identify protected areas; three were identified and to date only one has been gazetted. For this reason, student’s studying conservation can take advantage from grants from organizations such as the Rufford foundation to undertake study in Liberia. There are already several projects underway where students can contribute while studying available at rufford.org.

In addition to the above learning opportunities, students can consider exploiting opportunities at the University of Liberia. Though the institution has only just begun to find its feet again, its standards are high and strictly monitored. In a report from Times higher education, the University recently failed all 25,000 students who sat the entrance examination, a move supported by the government. The country has two state run universities. 


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