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Studying in Lesotho

Lesotho’s proximity and good relationship with South Africa may be among the reasons the country does not have very many higher learning institutions.

However, due to these very relations Lesotho was in 2008 selected as the venue for one of the first African campuses by a Malaysia International University. Limkokwing Creative Arts University of Malaysia has campuses in Botswana, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, The United Kingdom and Malaysia. The institution is in the country to assist meet the goals of 2020 and is perfect for students interested in quality education and a visit to Lesotho.

The National University of Lesotho is the main public university in the country and aims to provide an educational response to national needs. The institution is committed to high quality teaching, life-long learning, community service and research. The institution has a good reputation both locally and internationally. The institution accepts international students and provides assistance in getting into the country.

Due to the constant migration and movement in the population, the country has among the highest HIV infection rates in Africa. For students interested in community health related internships, Lesotho has organizations such Baylor International Paediatric AIDS Initiative operational within her borders. The institution can cater for the needs of interns while providing a realistic experience of disease causing factors, treatments, management, and work in a developing country.

Lesotho has a very good land for agricultural activity, for this reason, institutions such as the University of Tennessee has programs that bring researchers to the country to study agriculture. The institution is actively involved in the development and implementation of conservation agriculture systems.


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