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Studying in Guinea-Bissau

University and internship in Guinea Bissau is bound to b interesting as the small West African nation works toward building its weakened economy. Following years of civil war in the 90’s, as the country rid itself of dictatorial regimes damaged much of the country’s infrastructure and public utilities.

In 2003, the new government opened the first tertiary institution in Guinea Bissau, Universidade Colinas de Boe’ (UCB). The institution was established owing to collaborative efforts between government and the International Finance Company, a private sector organization of the World Bank. The institution has highly trained staff that can be useful in assisting foreign students with research and projects while in Guinea. The institution has scant ICT resources and is suitable for projects on alleviating this problem.

A second institution worth considering in the country is, University Amilcar Cabral (UAC) established in 2004, is the country’s public university. The institution has significant government support and runs programs in partnership with the Portuguese university, L’Universidade Lusofona de Lisboa (ULL). The institution is better equipped and can facilitate research within the country.

It is worth noting that until 2003 students in guinea relied on government bursaries to pursue higher education, this probably is the reason for relatively low literacy and suggests a need for investigation on how to improve higher education in the country. Despite limited number of higher learning institutions, various international organizations are operational in the country and can provide suitable internship for students to complete study in Guinea Bissau. Guinea Bissau is ideally located along a very favourable site for marine turtle nesting. The country and conservation organizations within can support research on these marine species.


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