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Studying in Grenada

The numbers of schools beyond secondary level of education in Grenada have multiplied over the last few decades. Students now have the option to go to college, university or enter an apprenticeship program to learn a trade. The junior college in the country is a community based organization that offers full as well as part-time programs leading to four Bachelor degrees or two-year Associates degrees, in addition to diplomas and certificates.

The medical school in the country is locally administered but actually exists to serve medical students from foreign countries. Over two-thirds of the students admitted to the medical school in Grenada are from other countries mostly the United States. The school enjoys a high level of respect around the world.

The universities in Grenada are private as well as community based. While previously modelled after the old British system of education, they now offer credit and degree programs similar to universities throughout the European Union. Students have the option of pursuing three or four year Bachelor programs followed by two year Master’s Degree programs. PhD programs are available in a limited number of disciplines.

To be admitted into an institution of higher education in Grenada requires a high school diploma from an accredited secondary school. To be admitted to some select programs prospective students may have to take an entrance exam.

Study abroad programs are another popular option available to students. Education at sea related to oceanographic research and measurable changes in global oceans are particularly well liked. Student visit various ports of call and study in a real-world situation from abroad a ship.


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