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Studying in French Polynesia


Classroom instruction in educational institutes in French Polynesia is carried out in French, and the overall educational system is set up along the same lines as in France. However, it is slightly adjusted to accommodate the specific needs of the territories. A majority of the local potential college students prefer to study in France rather than attending centers of higher studies in Polynesia.

In an effort to promote higher education in French Polynesia, a university was founded in Papeete to develop scientific and cultural links with other countries. Various study abroad and exchange programs have been established, so local and foreign students can attain maximum benefits. Additionally there are a number of vocational schools in French Polynesia offering a wide variety of programs that include nursing, teaching, hotel and restaurant management courses.

Semester long, study abroad programs at sea are available for students wishing to get better comprehension of environmental, cultural and political changes in Polynesia. While such programs are better suited to the needs of environmental and science majors, any student can benefit from these study programs in French Polynesia. Some universities even allow credits to be earned by attending this program.

For students interested in short courses in French Polynesia, there are a number of excellent language schools. Whether you are a business professional, a traveler interested in learning a new language or a student, there are courses available catering to all levels. Most of the language courses are geared towards individuals ranging from sixteen and up and lasting from 2 to 48 weeks. Most courses are based on 30 classes a week.



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