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Studying in Dominica

Students can take advantage of the large number of study abroad courses in Dominica in addition to full length study programs. The off shore medical studies in Dominica are recognized around the world with alumni practicing in fifty states of the U.S, Canada and other countries. The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is a highly regarded measure of the abilities of medical students and a first step in obtaining residency of choice. Graduates of the medical institutions in Dominica, achieve a first-time passing rate of 96%.

Students with less time on their hands, and an interest in marine studies in Dominica can join the extensive twelve week courses in Tropical Marine Ecology, Resource Conservation, Research Methodology or choose from the other options available. The benefits of these short term courses in Dominica are that the skills learned in the course are applied immediately during the excursions the students take around the island. By the time the students complete the course, they will also have made significant contributions in conserving the resources of the island.

For the individual not interested in the in depth study, four week summer courses in Dominica are also possible. The four week courses dealing with Tropical Marine Ecology use hands on method with the students spending most of their time outdoors or in the water. While most of the course deals with marine biology, emphasis is also placed on conservation issues. Excursions are a regular feature of the course as it allows students to gain full appreciation of the environment. The minimum requirement for the course is a High School Diploma.


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