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Studying in Cote d'Ivoire

Ivory Coast has enjoyed peace for several years and only had a short spate of civil strife in 2011. Following this, the most universities closed for 18 months and reopened amid jubilant celebrations following a presidential directive. The Cocody University, the largest campus in the economic capital, has over 80, 000 students enrolled in its Abidjan and other campuses around the country. The institution offers a number of courses ranging from diploma courses to research degrees.

In addition to the above institutions, the country also has over 10 other large universities where students can undertake courses in multimedia among the disciplines. One such institution is Centre for Distance Learning (CIFAD) a private institution with headquarters in Abidjan. The institution was formed in 2010 through a collaborative effort with the Network of Universities of Science and Technology of the Countries of Africa South of the Sahara. Its role is dissemination of internet learning programs and provides courses in fields such as economics, management, mining, electronics, engineering and civil engineering. Other institutions worth considering include the University f Science and Technology of Ivory Coast (UST-CI) and Higher Institute of Technology of Ivory Coast (IST-CI).

For students interested in study in the Ivory Coast, internships offered by various foundations may provide a suitable way to visit and study in the country. The Carter Centre (founded by former US President) has a program that takes interns from around the world to countries such as Ivory Coast. Interns, who are admitted all year round, gain experience by working in areas of health, peace and operations. The Ivory Coast is a beautiful costal country and students can get to visit its many beaches ad bustling markets while in the country.


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