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Studying in China

China is making major investments in its higher education and trying to build topnotch universities. Many universities are now offering degree programs in English. There is a wide range of traditional programs available which include engineering, medicine, trade and economics. For students with a taste for the unique, various dialects of the Chinese languages are offered, along with martial arts and calligraphy to name just a few. One can even attend seminars and short courses in Opera, face-painting, or learn to play ethnic musical instruments.

Chinese authorities have made efforts to ensure that the degrees offered in their universities have a value. They have signed understandings of reciprocal acknowledgment of academic qualifications with United States, France, Britain and Japan along with 65 other nations.

When searching for an educational institute, one has to take special note of the syllabus being offered against the fees charged. Many institutes can be rather expensive and their teaching methods not suitable for international students.

Foreign students wanting to study in China have to fulfill standard requirements set by the Chinese government and the university one intends to attend. Some common requirements include:

  • Applicant being an actual student and holding a student or visitor’s visa.
  • There are restrictions on the number of people who can apply from certain countries, so this needs to be checked before applying.
  • Applicants of certain countries have to be certified by Chinese Embassy for non-criminal activities
  • Potential students have to meet the prospective school’s requirements and be able to fulfill their financial requirements. They also need a guarantor in China.


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