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Studying in Cape Verde

Though Cape Verde is small and is not very populated, some interesting options for study abroad exist for students to exploit. For this reason, there are not many tertiary education institutions within the country. However, the Universidad de Cabo Verde is an established institution and can provide much needed assistance for international students seeking a semester abroad or interested in research.

For example, The Boren fellowship provides as much as s$30,000 to US graduates interested in adding an international language aspect or specialization. This organization supports study and research in areas of strategic interest to the United States.

Given that Cape Verde is a Portuguese-speaking nation, students can apply to local institutions and gain admission to complete language course or other research in the country. For conservation students, Cape Verde is the third largest global nesting site for sea turtles and is ideal for research on migration behaviour, breeding patterns and conservation issues.

Another organization that can facilitate study in Cape Verde is the Scholarshipcircle.com. This organization provides about $ 5000 in a monthly ongoing scholarship program that enables students in high school and university take a course abroad. This organization allows students a perfect method to travel, gain some internship experience and credits.

Language students can also benefit from study programs available from agencies such as languagebookings.com. This agency helps students identify best programs in the country and can help arrange other aspects of the associated travel. The program is ideal for students interested in light study and sightseeing. The Cape Verde islands are captivating and are bound to make your stay memorable.


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