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Studying in Burundi

Burundi is central African nation that has withstood the worst of repeated civil strife form many years. The University of Burundi is the only public university in the small country and some facilities have been damaged by the raging wars. However, in recent years due to the prevailing peace the institution has been revived and can support international students interested in coming to study in Burundi.

For medical students looking for an internship in Africa, Burundi has an excellent offer. The Hope Africa University has formed a partnership with Hope Hospital of Kibuye in Gitenga province. The university send specialist teams to the hospital to train hospital staff. Interested applicants should join the volunteer program that sends professionals to the country.

Another institution that can help draw international students to the country is the University of Ngozi located in Northern Burundi. The institution was established and officially approved in 1999 to support and relieve the only public university in the country. The university has partnerships with various international and regional bodies that can be used to bring students to the country. For example, Agence Universitaire de la Francophone, Reseau Inter-universitaire des pays des Grands Lacs and the Inter University Council for East Africa.

In addition to the above institutions, wildlife conservation projects in Burundi can be used by conservation students to carry out research or for internship. The Malagarazi wetlands community based conservation has projects such as reduction of poaching, fighting the use of toxic plants in fishing and reducing farming in the wetlands. Conservation students can volunteer with these conservation organizations while completing research in the country.


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