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Preparing to leave


Every good thing comes to an end! You’ve enjoyed your stay in Comoros and have great souvenirs to remember by. Now, it’s time to live. So, what are your next moves?

  • Contact your airline company first. You must confirm you’re flight several days before going to the airport. A key thing to remember: the sooner you’ll do it, the better. If you wanna change the date of your departure you will be charged extra fees.
  • Contact fiscal system. Ask them any document you will require when you get back to home.
  • Go to the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Take some photographs with you, money for your visa and your air flight ticket.
  • Both students and professionals should contact their hierarchy (paperwork, references, report).
  • Sort you’re belongings and clean the house (if you were renting).
  • Close any bank account.
  • Organize a friendly barbecue at night and take selfies.
  • Go to the airport. Please check-in at least 3 hours before departure. 


Author Credit:

Houssnati Baraka
Blog: alternativecities.wordpress.com
Twitter: @barakahoussnati




Before you take off

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