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Preparing to leave

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By Sabina Livia

Once your stay abroad is nearing its end, there are a few things you will have to sort out before going back home.

Talk to your landlord to ensure that your rent has been paid in full and that there are no outstanding dues. If your stay in the foreign country has been a part of a working or learning project, contact your supervisor so as to make sure that all the requirements have been fulfilled. Students should also get a transcript of records, as this is a document they will have to bring back to their home university. If you have spent your time abroad working, make sure to get the appropriate references and recommendations from your employers.

If you have opened a local bank account, pay a visit to the financial institution in question and sort out your affairs by closing your accounts and cancelling any credit cards.  If you have made any subscriptions, make sure you cancel them as well. You should also think about talking to a tax adviser, so as to be certain that your financial situation is in order.

During your stay, you have probably bought souvenirs, various knickknacks, clothes, and so on. Consequently, you may find that all of your belongings no longer fit in your luggage. Give yourself a day to go through your possessions and sort them out. Decide what needs to stay and what needs to go. Items for which you no longer have any use can go directly to the rubbish-bin. If they are in a good state, you could consider donating them to a charity or a local Red Cross. If you simply cannot part with your belongings, you can pack them up and send them via mail. There are also private companies that take care of relocating possessions, so you can look for one that can aid you in your quest.

Make sure that your passport or any other documents you used to enter the country in the first place are still valid. In general, you have to meet the same set of requirements both when you enter and leave a certain country. If you need help with this, one idea would be to contact your local embassy. In case you have brought your family and/or pets with you, ensure that their papers are in order as well. If, throughout your stay abroad, your house back home has been rented, make sure you talk to the respective tenants at least one month prior to your return, so as to give them enough time to relocate somewhere else.

A great idea would be to set up a small get-together for all of the friends you have made during your stay as a way of thanking them for how they have welcomed you. Last but not least, go online and browse for airline tickets. This is a task you should perform as early on as possible, as reserving your flight beforehand can end up saving you some money.


Before you take off

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