Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal

There are mainly three primary phases under the Insight Nepal programme. In each phase the participants will have different activities and experiences designed to make the most of their time in Nepal.

a. Orientation phase: Participants will be given a brief orientation about the schedule of the program, health care, and some cultural clues. Orientation also includes local city tours and a basic training in communication skills using spoken Nepali language. This will help the participants build self-confidence, develop cultural understanding, and prepare for the next phase, which is the volunteering work placement.

b. Placement phase: Participants will work at their placement site according to their interests and the needs of the host organization. The participants will be under the guidance and supervision of the host organization. Since they will be working and interacting with different people in a new environment, it will be an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and skills. This phase can be as testing as it is rewarding but it will be a personal experience that is unforgettable.

c. Extra activities phase : Insight Nepal will organize a 5 days trekking excursion for the participants of a 3 months programme.The aim is for the participants to experience the rural areas of Nepal and appreciate what Nepal is most known for – it’s natural beauty! While trekking through the mountains and villages, they will see the traditional lifestyle of the Nepali people as well as enjoy the fascinating views of snowcapped peaks, lush green valleys with their flora and fauna. Besides that a 3 days Buddhist meditation course will be provided at the end of the program.


Further Details

Duration: 2 weeks to 3 months

Qualifications: Minimum : 'A' level passed

Programme fees : US$ 380 to 1260

Food and accommodation: Participants will stay with a Nepali family who will provide two meals and some tea/snacks during the whole program period.
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Areas of volunteering placements:
Insight Nepal organizes placement for various projects of organizations in the urban, semi urban and rural areas of Pokhara and Kathmandu valley. The main areas of volunteering include:

A. Education (Teaching at schools): There are many community and public schools, which have limited resources and lack trained teachers and educational materials. They are looking for volunteer teachers to teach various subjects and extra curriculum activities from nursery to high school levels. The volunteer can support them with various activities according to his/her interest and educational background. Volunteers are needed for the following duties.

- Teaching English, Science, Social studies and computer.
- Fine arts and crafts, games/sports, cultural activities like singing and dancing.
- To develop teaching materials.
- Recreational activities with pre primary school children and special needed students.
- Sharing skills and experiences with local teaching staff members.

B. Community Development program: Nepal is anagricultural basedcountry and the terrain is mostly made of high mountains and hills. Most of the rural areas are backward due to poor and limited facilities in the areas of education, health, infrastructures, natural disaster relief, governance and economic development. Although there are several NGOs and local community projects working indifferentareassuch aswomen skills development, income generation, environment sustainability, HIV Aids/drug control, construction work,they need skilled and experienced manpower. Volunteers can support them in various tasks such as:

- Training in any particular skills in health, agriculture, environment, computers
- Proposal writing, fund raising, brochure making, report writing and international correspondence
- Vocational trainings like sewing, handicrafts, candle making etc. for income generation.
- Administrative and Secretarial work

C. Day Care program for children and adult: There are several day care projects working for poor, orphan children and people with special needs. The volunteer can support them in:

- Children caring and maintaining their hygiene like giving them a bath, cutting hair and nails etc.
- Teaching basic skills like music/dance, physical exercise, sports, crafts etc.
- To organize special skills training for local staff members.
- To provide nursing and medical therapy
- Helping staff members for preparing meals and feeding the children
- Computer and administrative work
- To provide counseling to parents or relatives.
- Teaching sign language for deaf and dumb, and belles-letters for blind.

D. - Health (for community hospitals and clinics): There are some community hospitals and
clinics in the rural areas with lack of trained medical persons and basic amenities. They really need volunteers with special skills as well as medical background in the areas of :
- Dental hygiene
- Nursing care
- Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy for people with special needs

These are the main areas of volunteering that Insight Nepal arranges placements for. However, if a volunteer has a particular interest that is not listed above, we are open to suggestion.


How to apply

On line application


Organisation Name

Insight Nepal


About Organisation

Nepal is a land of ancient history, colourful cultures, natural beauty with spectacular views and people of warm hospitality. Insight Nepal is an organization which was established with a view to introduce Nepal’s diverse geographical and cultural environment, and also to promote understanding of cultural differences through volunteer tourism.

Insight Nepal believes that serving others is one of the most worthwhile human endeavors. The main objective of the programme is to provide opportunities to those who are interested in gaining cross-cultural experiences by contributing their time and skills to benefit community service groups. The second objective is to help those who are looking for an opportunity to reach people in the community groups who are in need of their skills. 


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