Do Guatemala - volunteer in Guatemala!

Do Guatemala - volunteer in Guatemala!

Do Guatemala offers you volunteer opportunities with local, small-scale social projects. You can already get involved with 2 weeks of availability, and we´ll assist you to choose the perfect project for you! Work in animal care, children´s projects, medical care, teaching, with elderly, and much more!


Further Details

Do Guatemala is a travel and volunteer agency offering services throughout the country.we work with a great variety of local volunteer projects in Guatemala that are always in need of help and volunteers. It is even possible to volunteer with us if you have just one week available, however, should you prefer to volunteer a full year, no problem! We monitor international volunteers personally to make sure you have a great, valuable experience, and we support local volunteer projects with your donations. The advantage of booking your volunteering and/or traveling with us apart from personal service, is the price! As we are locally based, we can offer affordable, local prices!

Do Guatemala offers a personal and professional service for volunteers. We work with a one-time registration fee of $175, for which you receive several services in return which will guarantee a nice stay and a valuable volunteer experience:
- detailed welcome packet before departure to prepare for the trip
- free pickup and transfer to Quetzaltenango or Antigua from the airport
- thorough volunteer intermediation and monitoring
- Spanish school registration fee
- donation to volunteer project
- 24/7 assistance on location

Besides the volunteering, we also can arrange lodging for you. In Xela (Quetzaltenango), most volunteers choose for the convenience of a host family, where you have your own private room, wifi, and 3 meals a day included.


How to apply

On our website you can choose which project is most suitable for you. You can always email us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so that we help you out in choosing the right project for you.
If you´re ready to apply, you can visit the inquiries/reservation form on our website, and then we´ll make a proposal for you. Once you approve the proposal, you make the payment and you're ready to go!


Organisation Name

Do Guatemala


About Organisation

Do Guatemala is a travel and volunteer agency. We organize trips to Guatemala including volunteering, Spanish lessons and/or travels, totally to your wishes and budget.

We offer a personalized service to our volunteers to guarantee a valuable experience. We assist throughout the whole process of choosing a project, application at social projects, the trip to Guatemala and on-site assistance and supervision.

It´s time to Do Guatemala!


Before you take off

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