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Hanging Out in The Vibrant & Exciting District of East London

East London is a superb place to visit that is a very distinctive part of the English capital that offers incredible shopping, dining and entertainment. There are many attractions in the area that are very interesting to visit and are not necessarily on the typical tourist trail. Travellers will be guaranteed that they have a great time when heading here as there are some unique places to visit. A great example is Hackney City Farm which is something that many visitors to the capital probably wouldn’t expect to see. This farm has all the usual animals with pigs, ducks and chickens wandering around and is definitely the perfect place for a family day out. 

Where to head for fantastic selfie pictures in the bustling capital city of London

Taking selfies on a smartphone has become an incredibly popular way to document a trip abroad. No longer are holiday-makers putting their photographic remembrances into a physical photo album, but are uploading them to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram. London is an incredible place to take a selfie as there are so many landmarks that are worth visiting. Travellers want to remember their trip in the best possible way, so they should note down where to head for the best selfies in London. That way they can plan their holiday to include as many top attractions in this amazing capital.

Amazing theme parks and fun attractions to take a trip to when in the city of London

Travellers visiting the capital city of London want to venture to destinations that are completely entertaining. There are numerous places to head to in the English capital and on the borders of the city that are very exciting for tourists of all ages. Visitors in London can have fun at a number of attractions that are ideal for venturing to with children. A fabulous destination to take a trip with all the family is the famous London Dungeon. This incredible landmark has a number of interactive shows with live theatre actors and a few exciting rides. Tourists can also learn about the rather frightening history of this fantastic attraction.

Amazing facts about the city of London that travellers should know when on holiday

London is an incredibly exciting city with plenty of history and culture, making it an enticing prospect for travellers. There are certain ideas that tourists have in their heads about the British and particularly about the capital. Everyone visiting London knows about its tube network that is an excellent transport system linking many parts of the city. The underground has many rules including walking on the left when going up escalators.

Food that American tourists will want to eat when they head to the city of London

There is nothing better for travellers than tasting food or drink that reminds them of cuisine from home. Thousands of American tourists visit the city of London regularly to see the sights and attractions of the capital. Travellers from around the world are very lucky when they come to London as they are guaranteed a range of restaurant and café choices. Tourists can try an array of eateries that have food including Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Nigerian and Russian. There are also plenty of places to venture to that has American food and US tourists can head to certain destinations to enjoy cuisine from their homeland.

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