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Spend the evening in London’s West End

If you are looking for a classy destination to spend the evening when visiting London then you can’t go wrong with a night spent in London’s West End district.  The West End is perhaps best known as being the hub of London’s theatres but there are also lots of fantastic restaurants, tourist attractions, shops and hotels located here too.  In fact, there is always something happening in the West End so whether you want something else to do to complement a night at the theatre or you just want to explore the area, you can’t go wrong.

Explore London’s Shoreditch area

One of fastest growing and increasingly popular areas of London is its Shoreditch Area in the East End.  Shoreditch has proved to be one of the most dynamic and vibrant of districts and it is a hub to a number of digital and technology based companies in the city. There are a number of tech giants like Google Campus London that have set up their offices in the area. The Shoreditch area is a major draw with millennials and tech professionals from London as well as across the globe.

Animal Attractions in London

Although you might not think of a large bustling city as being synonymous with animal attractions, London does actually have a pretty decent amount of ways in which you can interact and discover animals when visiting.  Whether you are a huge animal lover or a parent trying to plan ways to keep their children occupied, there are lots of ways and places to experience animals in London.  You could head to the ZSL London Zoo if you want a taste of the exotic or pop on your wellington boots and get up close to some traditional farmyard animals at one of London’s many city farms.  Here are just some of the great animal attractions in London: -

Top Five Countries to Visit in 2017

This year was a pretty good year for travel, but 2017 looks to be even better.  Travel prices will continue to fall and everyone who has been bitten by the travel bug will be able to see and do more with less.  With so many great countries out there in the world, we want to give you a wide variety of places to consider visiting on your next vacation or adventure.  So, without further ado, here are the top five countries worth visiting in 2017!

Guide to Luxurious Experiences in London

London is a great place to visit if you are planning a luxury trip. The city is full of historic grandeur of the past. It is posh and traditional and is flexible to suit individual desires. London offers a diverse and exciting city break and is filled with hundreds of entertainment options. Adding luxurious elements to your London break will make your trip special and memorable.

Best spots to explore as a couple in London

While Paris is proclaimed to be the city of lovers, London definitely is not lagging behind. There is plenty to see and explore for couples with its tranquil parks and green open spaces, lakes and beautiful gardens, making it ideal romantic spots to visit. If you are in love and visit London as couple there are quite a few places that will certainly set the both of your hearts aflutter for certain.

Paddington Green

8 Great Reasons to Explore Paddington

Thanks to author Michael Bond, quite a few of the tourists who pass through Paddington each year are drawn to the area because of their connection to one small bear who made his way here from Peru once upon a time.  We are, of course, referring to Paddington Bear who took his name from the station in which the Brown Family discovered him. 

Work your way around the World with Working Holiday Visas

Most of us are born with the intense passion to travel the world from the day we first learned there were other countries outside of our own backyard. Travel visas are fairly trivial to obtain, as are working visas, if you work for a company that handles them regularly. A working holiday visa is a bit less common, but these allow for one to work in a foreign country for an extended vacation’s worth of time, but less than a more typical permanent working visa.

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