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Blog pieces are contributed from International Wanderers from all over the globe. Some have contributed the pieces free of charge others have been commissioned. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions. If you have concerns regarding any content posted here please don’t hesitate to notify us via our contact page.


Camping Tips For Any Type Of Weather

Camping is a great outdoor venture. You can benefit from the relaxation that comes with a weekend getaway but without the usual high hotel accommodation costs. Moreover, you get to immerse yourself in the naturally cool refreshing air and get to appreciate how beautiful nature is.

national gallery singapore

Singapore’s Six Best Art Galleries

Singapore features several societies and a blend of both Eurasian and Asian cultures and previous and current ways of life. Also known as the bridge between the East and the West, Singapore is a fusion of almost all Southeast Asian and Eurasian cultures.


The 7 Best Beaches in Great Britain

Britain is not often synonymous with beautiful beaches, as it is better known for its rainy, gloomy weather. However, there are many beaches dotted up and down the country that are great to visit throughout the seasons, and especially during the summertime. Check out the seven best beaches in Great Britain.


Four Ideas for Your Next Vacation

If you are tired of visiting the same holiday destinations, then there are hundreds of alternatives out there, just waiting for you to discover and explore them. Each different destination comes with its own perks and main attractions, so where you choose to go is really determined by what you want to get out of your vacation.


A Beginner's Travel Guide To Try In Iceland

Whenever you visit a new place, it’s nice to understand when and where to go and a few good things to eat there. This is especially true about Iceland, the land of fire and ice. So, here’s a beginner’s guide for your journey through this mysterious country.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Ohare Airport Walkway

Everything You Should Know About Moving Internationally

Moving internationally is an opportunity that not many will see in their lifetime and it takes quite a bit of careful planning to ensure everything goes smoothly. Before you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the big move, you need to take time to get things organized and plan the move from start to finish.

Backpack and boots

Five Backpacking Essentials You’ll Need on Your Travels

Backpacking is a fun way of traveling and seeing more of the world, which is popular with many people since it can be tailored to fit almost any budget. Whether you have a small or large budget for your travels, backpacking can be made as luxurious or as basic as you would like. If you’re considering a backpacking trip either at home in the U.S. or abroad, it’s good to know the basics of what to take. Here are some backpacking essentials that should go in every traveler’s rucksack.

snow cabins

Best Ski Destinations in the World

As winter takes full charge, many faces light up with happiness. The joy of witnessing the white fluffy snow is no less than a magical experience. While some may dislike it for the absence of the summer sunshine, others get their gears ready for shimming away on the pistes of the snow-clad mountains. It’s a visual that cannot be described in words.  

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