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Here you can submit advertising content to The International Wanderer for the sidebar. For other advertising options whether it's for an advert on the home page, to list a job, internship, volunteer or study opportunity or to list an expat community please visit our advertise with us page and choose the option which is right for you.

Tile advertisement placement on available page of your choice.

You are able to place your advertisement on any available page on The International Wanderer website other than the home page, the directory pages and different forms.

If you'd like to place an advert on the home page, please use home page advert form

If you would like to place a tile ad on one of our high profile directory pages (volunteer/jobs/intern abroad; study abroad, where to stay, things to do or blog) your tile advertisement will be seen on all search results for the page. This costs $20 per month. Please contact us to arrange theinternationalwanderer@gmail.com

Cost of Advertising
Normally, one advertisement placement costs $50 for one year. However, for a limited time period, to celebrate the launch of this website, advertising is reduced to only $20 per placement! You will be redirected to paypal in order to make your payment.

Size of Advertisements
Advertisements should be 235px wide and up to 235px in height. Should you wish to have an advert which has a height in excess of 235px, please contact us.

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Please note - you are unable to advertise on the following pages via this form. If you would like to advertise on any of the following pages a different rate applies (currently on special at $20 per month). The rate is higher because advertisements on these pages also show on all search results within the directory. e.g on every blog article or every study abroad opportunity. To advertise on these pages please contact us.

Please copy and paste below the URLs of the pages where you would like your advertisement to be listed according to the number of listings that you chose above. Paste separate URLs with a comma. Remember that if you earlier chose just 'one placement', this means that you should list only one URL.

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