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Uganda is a small landlocked country located in east Africa. The equator runs through the country so the climate is warm all through the year (though it may rain often). Its capital city Kampala is located in the centre of the country and visitors often find December to late February perfect as the weather then is generally dry and hot. Throughout Uganda’s major cities and towns, English is widely spoken and amidst a number of local languages.

Uganda has very good quality banana, avocadoes, pineapples and avocadoes so dig in while there. The favourite local food is banana plantain cooked in banana leaves (Matoke), favourite sport is soccer.

Uganda and the neighbouring habitat remain the only home to the endangered Mountain Gorilla. Travelling in cities is cheap and fast as Uganda’s famous motorcycle taxis will take you virtually anywhere. Visiting Uganda is bound to be exciting as the people are remarkably friendly and known for their courtesy.

Government offices, banks and shops are accessible all through the week from 0800h to 1630h, with an hour for lunch at 1300h. Ugandan drivers keep left. Though you won’t be expected to tip in restaurants, bargaining in shops is the norm.

Communication is not a problem as several hotspots remain activated in all major cities with service accessible in cafes, restaurants, hotel lobbies and parks. For travellers with notebooks, this means in most cities you will get work done with minimal hassle. There is good cell phone coverage across the country and call rates are reasonable.

For first time visitors to Uganda and east Africa, it is always better to take and travel with medication. Holidaying in Uganda is fun; there are many game reserves, a huge bird population and great scenery (National symbol is Crested Crane).


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