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Singapore is an island country off the Southern coast of the Malay Peninsula sandwiched between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. Other than the main island of Singapore, there are 58 total islands making up the county. It is said that it was named by prince Sang Nila Ultama and gets its name from two Malay and Sanskrit words: “Singha” and “Pura” meaning “Lion City”. It was established as a British trading colony in 1819 and achieved autonomy in 1959, at which point it joined the Malaysian Federation for the next two years. In 1965 it separated and became independent. 

Upon independence, Singapore established itself as one of the most modern and prosperous countries on the planet within a few decades. Its seaport is among the busiest in the world. Additionally the country has become a major banking, petroleum and ship building centre of the world. It has also become one of the most stylish tourist destinations. The country is continuing to grow and expand by carrying out land reclamation projects.

Climate of the country is essentially tropical, meaning it is hot and wet. Monsoons occur twice a year, from June to September and again between December and March and produce soaring humidity. While the majority of the people are of Chinese origin, they willing mix with other races. Other ethnicities present include Malay, Indians and mixed bloods.

A little over twenty percent of the country’s land area is made up of nature reserves, with urbanization having eliminated most of the principal rainforest. While the only major remaining rainforest is Bukit Timah, the country is home to over 300 parks and several nature reserves.


Fast Facts:

Full Name:   Republic of Singapore

Capital City:   Singapore

Government:  Parliamentary republic.

Total Area:   267 sq mi (692.7 sq km)

Language:   Dialects of Chinese, Malay, English, Tamil, and Hindi

Currency:   Singapore Dollar

Religion:   Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Taoist and Hindu


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