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Mexico, the third largest country in Latin America but the largest in terms of population-over a hundred million, is home to more Spanish speakers than any other country on the planet. Located in North America, it borders United States to the north and Guatemala, and Belize to the southeast. It is sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean on the west and Gulf of Mexico the Bay of Campeche on the east.

In terms of climate the country is defined by two distinct seasons. The dry season extends from November to June, which also corresponds with high tourist season. The rainy season extends from June to November when there are frequent but brief rainfalls usually in the afternoons. Average temperatures linger at around 20° C from December to March and extend up to 31° C in the warmer months.

Mexico City is the capital of the country and one of the busiest places. The unprecedented expansion over the years has led it to engulf the neighbouring towns, which are now considered to be the suburbs of Mexico City. The beauty of the city is enhanced by the surrounding mountains and volcanoes in the background.

Corn is the country’s main staple food and takes up nearly half of its cultivated land. It is also the main ingredient in the flat bread called tortilla. Tortillas are the basis of a variety of delights like tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas, which are stuffed with a variety of filling and rolled up. Other commonly eaten dishes include beans (frijoles) prepared in a variety of ways, and rice mixed with eggs, vegetables or chicken livers.

Fast Facts

Official Name:  United Mexican States

Government:  Federal Republic

Currency:  Peso (M$)

Area:  1,964,375 km2

Religion:  Catholic

Language:  Spanish (there are 66 other regional indigenous languages)

Ethnic Groups:  Mestize, Amerindian, and White

Major Cities:  Ecatepec, Guadalajara, Puebla, Nezahualcóyot and Monterrey.


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