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With a reputation for being a tax haven and a sports resort during the winters, Liechtenstein is tucked away in Western Europe. The landlocked, alpine country is bordered by Switzerland on the west and Austria on the east. It is the only country in Europe, whose bordering neighbours are them self landlocked. The Rhine river runs along it entire western length.

The tiny country with almost no natural resources lying in the upper Rhine Valley, measures only fifteen miles from north to south. Its lack of natural wealth is more than made up for by the fact that it has more registered businesses than people.

Despite its mountainous topography the country enjoys a rather mild climate. Temperatures in the winter seldom go below 5° F (-15°C), which is ideal for the winter sports the country is famous for. Summer temperature ranges from 68 – 82 °F (20 to 28 °C). Average annual rainfall is between 35 to 47 inches (900mm – 1200mm). The temperate foehn winds produce ideal conditions for cultivation of corn, which is otherwise atypical in mountainous area, grapes and a variety of orchids.

Liechtenstein is considered to be a quiet country compared to other European destinations. However, its scenic mountains and valleys make it a desirable target with nature lovers and athletes. Visitors to the country find the cycling and skating tours beside the Rhine, souring peaks for skiing, and spectacular hiking trails very appealing.

The capital city, which resembles a village more than a city, is made up of just two main avenues. Tourists can visit three of the country’s vital museums here and enjoy the 16th century castle-home of the current Prince.

Fast Facts:

Government:   Unitary parliamentary democracy & constitutional monarchy

Official Language:   German

Currency:   Swiss franc (CHF)

Religion:   Christianity

Dialling Code:   ++423


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