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The International Wanderer is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to travel, live or work overseas no matter what country you want to be in. No matter what stage in your life, whether you are looking to study overseas or retire abroad, we hope to act as a resource for international travellers from all countries. With the world becoming a smaller and more accessible place, living overseas is no longer an oddity. The world is your oyster – discover it with The International Wanderer.

Paddington Green

8 Great Reasons to Explore Paddington

Thanks to author Michael Bond, quite a few of the tourists who pass through Paddington each year are drawn to the area because of their connection to one small bear who made his way here from Peru once upon a time.  We are, of course, referring to Paddington Bear who took his name from the station in which the Brown Family discovered him. 

Book online

Making Your Hotel Booking through a Mobile App

Hotel booking, like more or less everything else, has been transformed by the internet. The ability to browse hotel websites and choose which property is right for you, then choose between their selection of rooms and suites and book online, has given the consumer more choice and more knowledge about what they’re choosing.

Cool holiday

The coolest holiday working jobs that you should try

Leading tours

Everyone loves travelling and exploring new places and being paid for this certainly looks like a dream scenario, but being a tour leader indeed makes this a reality. All you need in this job is a sound knowledge of the place you are visiting along with its native language.

expectant expat

5 Tips for the Expectant Expat

Life is all about seeing new places and experiencing different things. Many of us crave fresh experiences and new surroundings. Moving your life to a different country is an overwhelming experience for many, but the adventure is well worth what it takes to get there.

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Catch the Fun at the New Paddington Bear Trail

The capital city of England is quite well known for its splendid attractions and sightseeing. It is a much loved vacation destination. Every year thousands of visitors are seen flocking around the Heathrow airport as they enter the city with a great vacation plan.

Popular Restricted Trekking Areas of Nepal

Popular Restricted Trekking Areas of Nepal

Nepal is known to the entire world for its glistening high mountains, lush green forests, exotic flora and fauna and ethnically diverse population.  The treasures that lure thousands of tourists to the country every year are now in a dire need for protection.

Retire in Malta

Retiring to Malta - An Expats Guide

When it comes to moving overseas, particularly for the Brits, it tends to be the same places that come up as potential destinations. The South of France and the Costa del Sol are always popular retirement destinations, while the likes of Singapore and New Zealand tend to be popular for those moving abroad for work.


15 things everyone must do in Comoros Islands

1. Hiking

The best way to discover a country is hiking! What’s great about Comoros? Each Island is different! You can find informations directly in the tourist office in Moroni. But in many cases you’ll have to organize your hike all by yourself. You can get to the waterfalls in Ndzuani, exploring the Dziani-Boudouni Crater Lake in Mwali or explore the wildlife (Lemur, exotic birds, butterflies, bats…) in protected areas in Ngazidja. And this is just a short list: there’s always a new spot to discover in Comoros Islands!


The Many Benefits of Volunteering Abroad

Volunteerism is a term used to describe one of the basic principles in almost every culture in the world – providing social development through working together as volunteers. Volunteering may involve providing services, campaigning, advocacy, providing aid and various forms of civic engagement.

Top Ten Things to do in Dubai for Teens

The city of contrasts, set as an oasis of concrete wonders in the middle of a scorching desert, Dubai seamlessly blends the wonders of tomorrow into a fascinating global destination. Though sought as a stopover destination or family destination with plenty of activities and recreations to indulge in, Dubai has emerged as a happening spot for all ages including teens who can explore an abundance of attractions and thrills.

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