Map of Plugs

What plug goes where?

This useful image shows what plug you will need when traveling to different regions of the world. We suggest purchasing a suitable plug adapter at the airport or your local travel shop before you leave.

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Before you go

To read country specific information related “Before you go” – please visit our country pages which can be found here.

So, you’re planning on an international relocation. Packing up and living in a foreign country, maybe for a few months or maybe even for a lifetime is indeed an exciting first step in an exciting journey. Regardless of the time you intend on spending abroad, moving overseas to a new country is a big step and you have to take care of numerous odds and ends prior moving abroad.

Pin the Map Project

The Pin the Map Project

There are four things you should know about us right off the bat:

1) We love to travel.

2) We do not have a trust fund nor are rich.

3) We are getting married this September.

4) We are in our twenties.



Before you go!

Croatia, situated on the Adriatic Sea, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in Europe that has been only recently discovered by world travelers. Due to the country’s unique location,

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The world is your oyster and you have the ability and the freedom (yes, unfortunately some a lot more than others) to do anything or go anywhere.

Driving Abroad

Driving Abroad

Are you planning to drive abroad? If so, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with local driving rules before you go.

Even if you regularly drive abroad - it's still important as it is if you're planning your first trip because rules and requirements change. 



Work abroad, study abroad, learn abroad, teach abroad, volunteer abroad, intern abroad

Are you looking for a job abroad, an internship overseas, somewhere to study abroad or to go on a learning vacation. Or you are looking for somewhere to volunteer as you travel the world? Check our our opportunity listings to help your wanderings get started!

CSA - Study Abroad

Study Abroad with CSA

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Since 1990, Center For Study Abroad (CSA) has offered low cost study abroad opportunities to students and adults worldwide. High quality programs that are affordable, open to all, easy to register, flexible, academic credit can be earned and additional services are provided to best fit each participant. Overall, CSA offers everyone worldwide a convenient way to study abroad. Join us!

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Where are you from?

Working Holiday Visas

To help get you started: search to find out which countries offer working holiday visas - under a working holiday visa scheme or seasonal work programme - that you may be able to apply for. Simply enter your country of origin (the country for which you hold a valid passport) to view the opportunities available to you.

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